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I  have lived in Spokane for the past eight years. I am originally from the Olympia area where I graduated from Yelm Highschool. In 2003 I came to Spokane to attend Eastern Washington University where I majored in music and communication.

I received my Birth Doula training from the Simkin Center in August 2010. I am trained in natural and artificial methods of pain management as well as optimal positions for labor and delivery. I am familiar with the stages of labor and am trained to recognize when it is time to go to the hospital. If you choose to birth in the hospital I can encourage you at home long enough to allow your labor to progress so that you will not be sent home upon arrival.  If you choose epidural anesthesia I can help you manage your discomfort until it can be administered.

I have special training to provide support for women with PTSD and survivors of abuse. In February 2011 I attended Penny Simkin's "When Survivors give birth" seminar where I gained skills for managing past trauma and an understanding of the unique challenges that survivors face during labor and delivery.

In February 2011 I became a Certified Lactation Educator. I am qualified to educate the public on breastfeeding and related issues such as nipple soreness, engorgement, low milk supply, supplemental nursing, etc. I am a believer in biological nurturing, a breastfeeding initiation technique which encourages the natural instincts of newborn babies.