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Please take a moment to visualize your birth...

If all your dreams come true, how will it happen? Where will your magic moment take place? Who will be there?  How long will it take?

You may be wondering how you will know when it is time to go to the hospital, birth center, or settle in for your home-birth.  Maybe you are concerned about early labor you will experience before your epidural can be placed? Or perhaps you desire a natural birth and are interested in exploring natural coping methods?

My name is Kate Carrick and I am a DONA trained doula and lactation educator. I strongly believe in the normalcy of birth as well as its profound effect on mothers, families, and society. I believe that every laboring woman deserves undivided attention and continuous support as well as pampering throughout her labor! This kind of devotion is an intense experience and is unrealistic to ask of a partner, nurse, or care provider who will have much on their mind during your hours of need.  

As a doula I strive to enhance the bond between mother, partner, and baby by providing information, suggestions for pain management/optimal descent of the baby, continuous emotional attention when it is needed, and support for the family before, during, and after birth. Normal labor may take many hours and it is essential that your partner be relieved for bathroom breaks, meals, and possibly even naps. My job is to enhance the atmosphere of each moment by providing what is needed and helpful adding to the atmosphere that has already been created by the mother, partner, and care team. 

Finding the right doula may be one of the most important decisions you face as you write your birth story. There are many kinds of doulas with different skill sets and personalities. The relationship between doula and client is very important and the decision to hire a particular doula should not be taken lightly.