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Did you know...
  • The word placenta means mother's bread.
  • In the 16th century a piece of placenta was added to the new mother's first meal in southern Germany.
  • Traditionally a piece of frozen placenta was chased with a glass of white wine.
  • Consumption of the placenta is known to reduce recovery time, bleeding, and replace valuable hormones.
  • Your baby has a close relationship with his placenta and cuddles it like a pillow especially when he is frightened.
  • Currently, in the United States, the placenta is regarded as medical waste though in several European countries the placenta is baked into a powder, encapsulated, and used as a dietary supplement.
  • Cooked placenta tastes like beef liver. When baked it has a bread-like texture.
  • There are a variety of delicious ways to consume your raw, cooked, or encapsulated placenta!